That line you see is the entrance cut from our saw. It's one of the ways prices stay reasonable from year to year since we don't spend half an hour cutting the book with a jigsaw. Using a jigsaw or scroll saw also requires two pieces of wood with the book sandwiched in between them, resulting in extra cost to buy the wood, as well as the waste of wood after one book safe is made. We make thousands of book safes, and that would be a lot of wood! We're about recycling, not consuming. The saw cut is not visible once the safe is on the book shelf, whether it's upright or laid on its back with the spine facing out.

True! Since we can only process payment in one currency on the website's secure checkout, we chose US$ because 90% of our sales ship to the US. To be fair, orders shipped within Canada are given a large discount on the actual cost of shipping - about half the actual cost - to help make up for the exchange.  

You can also look up the approximate cost in Canadian $ by choosing your currency at the top right corner of all web pages. You will see US$ when you reach check out.

No, we don't. Magnets add cost, and will eventually pull the front jacket apart with repeated opening and closing (our book safes are made to last a lifetime). Besides, using a magnet also means we can't leave 15-20 pages loose in front for our Traditional Books.

Because we want to robo-call you (just kidding) Couriers need a phone number in case there is a question about delivery. For instance DHL will leave an automated message the day before delivery to warn you the shipment is coming. And if there is a question,about your order we'd like to call and clear it up right away.  

We will never, ever share your personal information, and respect your privacy - if you aren't home and we get voicemail, we will leave a cryptic message in case ears hear the voicemail who may be the giftee!

Don't see your answer? Write us your question and we'll get right back to you!

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