Why are we doing this?


Well, for one, we're passionate about two things: books, and recycling.


Re-purposing old and unwanted books into objects of delight and usefulness is what we do. Since 2002 we have sold over 100,000 book safes to people all over the world, and were the first to sell book safes online way back in 2002! Fortune 500 companies to farmers without internet buy our book safes, which only shows how great they are for gifts - everyone could use a book safe!


Located in the Fraser Valley on West Coast of Canada, all Secret Storage Books ® are crafted by hand here at the home workshop.


 At Secret Storage Books, we all love books and are so pleased that we are constantly surrounded by them. We proudly ship our book boxes off, knowing we have re-purposed an unloved item and made it into an object of delight. Our biggest challenge is to keep production on schedule, since we often want to stop and read what we have!

Our Mission

Pretty simple really: Tread lightly on the earth and treat everyone with respect.

And oh yeah - always have the largest selection of book safes on the planet.


Our Promise

100% satisfaction is the promise, you will not regret owning one of our keepsafe hollow books. We'll keep your secrets safe for decades!



While it's mainly Donna's biz, I'm happy to jump in cut the books, and fiddle with the many pieces of machinery needed to get the book safes out the door - like the paper drill, bandsaw, dust collector. We're a team and love working together!

Rob and Donna owners of Secret Storage Books



 Rob and I recently took the business over from sister Diane who retired. Friends and family have owned Secret Storage Books for 23 years now - we must be doing something right!

I love books and I love children, so naturally I ran a children's book side gig while working with special needs kids. When Diane retired we thought this was the perfect opportunity to continue the biz and feed my love of the "treasure hunt" for unwanted books perfect for book safes.


For over a decade we've been sourcing books from charities such as the Rotary Club. With books donated from the community, Rotary Club raises money for International and Community projects with their bi-annual book sales. Many books don't make it to the sales floor however and Secret Storage Books helps by purchasing books that would be put in the "bins" to haul away to the dump. This saves the club from disposal fees AND puts a little extra in the coffers from my purchases of these extra books. Wonder where those big 'ol dictionaries come from? Yup.

While there are no figures for Canada, it's estimated over 580,000 tonnes of books are landfilled anually in the USA. We love finding treasures amongst the unwanted and re-purposing books into objects of suprise and delight that will be useful for decades to come!