UK Ship info


We DO ship to the UK!

-- with conditions :)



Britain leaving the EU has meant some changes for us here at Secret Storage Books.


Here's the low down for our valued UK customers:


  • If you order more than £135 (including shipping) I can send to you, and the VAT is payable by you on arrival, as before. Use the currency calculator and maybe make it £140 to be safe
  • If you don't need or want to order £135, I do have a shop on Etsy and you will pay your VAT through Etsy when checking out, and your order will arrive with no further ado (ie no VAT owing when delivered)


Before Brexit, your book safes arrived with VAT owing no matter how many or few you ordered; now, you can order through Etsy for under £135 or from Secret Storage Books if you really want to go to town and stock up.


Stay safe and happy hiding!