A word about customer service


Customer Service in an Online World


As I was checking for a reply to a request for refund this morning, I started thinking about the rise of "no-reply@blankety-blank.com" emails, which basically say "don't call us, we'll call you". Even worse, "don't call us, we'll WRITE you".

How many times have we all literally mined a website to find a phone number to talk to somebody - anybody - real? And then have to follow up - but first FIND the email etc etc. It's so disrespectful of our time; after all THEY made the mistake most of the time and WE have to spend precious time to put it right!

Here at Secret Storage Books, we answer the phone! We publish our number and make it toll free. We want to hear if something isn't right, because we know that if one customer isn't happy, they'll tell 10 people and never buy from us again. We're small enough to understand that's just bad business.

And we respect your time :)