Currency choices!

Check out in your own currency!


and save the conversion fees on your credit card.

We are so excited to announce this new feature to the Secret Storage Books website!






and your payment will be processed in that currency.

This change could save you 2.5% or more in exchange fees on your statement!


PS: You can always see what currency you are in at the top of any page and change it back if you wish.

But once you CHECK OUT, the currency is set.

So, if you chose CAD, and live in Canada, you will be charged just what you see. In the past (and with MOST independent sites) you could SEE your own currency, but pay in US$ and also a conversion fee of roughly 2.5% on top of the actual exchange rate. (Banks... sneaky not in a good way!)

US customers - no change here, you'll continue in US$

Everyone else: Keep more money in your new book safe :)


Stay healthy, stay safe!

Diane, Jayne and Laurie