Proposal Ring Book Safe - Our Adventure Book - Personalized

Product Description

Propose to your soon-to-be better half with this customized book safe. We add your names to the jacket for the perfect touch! OK it's a bit presumptuous, but hey you only got one shot right? :)  The opening inside is kept large so you can use it after your engagement to store your wedding mementos. Comes with a ribbon to tie your ring into the safe.

Price includes customization with your names on the jacket.

This is a Premium book safe made from an ex law book covered with a new Adventure Book jacket of our own making. Premium book safes look brand new - and include out-of-copyright or licensed titles and images to look like our favourite stash book titles. Your intended will be happy you didn't cut a favourite book!

Ready to ship one week from order date. Don't forget to list the names you want on the jacket when you order! Express delivery is available too!

  • Exterior bookbox® measurements: 8.75 x 6 x 2 “
  • Inside cavity measurements: 7.7" x 4.25"
  • Inside depth can vary between 1.3" and 1.75" deep.