About Us

The business began 15 years ago as a home-based craft business and it still is! Deliberately so. I like to think that I am one small part of a larger word-wide movement to re-shape our commerce into something smaller, more connected, more ethical to customers, employees and suppliers.

I make Book Boxes from recycled and unwanted books of all sorts gathered from charities, recyclers, and even our own customers.

Located on Vancouver Island off the West Coast of Canada, all Secret Storage Books ® are crafted by hand here at my home studio.

Since July 2012 we have sold over 13,000 book safes to people all over the world.  Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to rural farmers without internet buy our book safes, which only shows how great they are for gifts - everyone could use a book safe! 

At Secret Storage Books, we all love books and are so pleased that we are constantly surrounded by them. I smile every day we ship another bookbox off, knowing I have re-purposed an unloved item and made it into an object of delight.

Our biggest challenge is to keep production on schedule, since we often want to stop and read what we have!


Diane pic

I worked for a multi-national company once in my twenties and quickly realized that I fit better with employers who value hard work, honesty, integrity and responsibility. I’ve worked for some great people at small companies, but the entrepreneurial spirit haunted my dreams and I had my own stained glass business a few years ago. Alas, working so intensely with my craft caused issues with my wrists and I was advised to do something else. That was hard to give up!

The Book Box Company was a neighbour of mine here, and I thought it was an absolute gem of a business. So I bought it and changed the name to Secret Storage Books. In the summer of 2012 I moved production to my property located close to Salmon Point on the Salish Sea. Only a 5 minute walk away, we go to beach often with Sadie the Wonder Dog to fly fish for salmon or admire the beauty of the coastal mountains across the Strait. 

The team

We value our employees and contractors very much!  After 15 years we are still finding ways to innovate production, and be creative; in large part due to the commitment and talent of our people.  And thanks to YOU dear customer, we recently hired Thelma to take some work load off!


Jayne - wears three hats: Ship Queen, as well as Production and Data Entry in her spare time.


Laurie - Production Guru, which pretty much takes up all of her day. We just celebrated five wonderful years with Laurie here at Secret Storage Books. 


Thelma - Production newbie, catching on fast!


Sheldon - Book Cutter extraordinaire. Hasn't let a challenge get the better of him yet! 


Melinda - Looks after the books. (Not the hollow sort, and no cooking them either!)


Sadie the Wonder Dog - A general feel-good kind of staff member!
Keeps the deer from browsing the books and the couriers on-task with doggie treats.